Expedited / Less than Truckload LTL

Expedited / Less than Truckload LTL

Let Experts Handle Your Transportation Errand

Green Valley Transport handles over 700 loads of expedited LTL freight each month over its network, making it one of the premier LTL trucking firms in the country. When it comes to transporting LTL freight Coast-Coast between in the United States, you can rely on the reliability of our services, which include daily departures from almost anywhere in the USA.

We can ship any small hazardous cargo to include all Division 1 shipments in one shipment thanks to our SLP22 Compliant Dromedary Boxes. You save money by only needing to hire one vehicle instead of renting several to deliver your shipments, provided they are compatible.

Security? No problem… Green Valley primarily transports LTL shipments that need a high level of security delivered with minimal time in transport.

High-Security Expedited services are available when you need those items fast, and that extra time can make all the difference. Money-back guarantee on expedited services if your shipment does not arrive on time.